How to Make Money with Karatbars -- the Compensation Plan and How it Works

Karatbars offers affiliates two distinct pay plans. The Unilevel plan has no requisites other than that you sign up to become a Karatbars affiliate. That is to say, you can become an affiliate at no obligation to you, without ever having purchased any products from Karatbars, and, if you refer clients, you will still be compensated under the Unilevel payment plan. An additional Dual System team pay plan is also available to affiliates that make a one-time purchase of one of the Karatbars packages on offer (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or VIP level packages). The packages generally contain one or more of the Karatbars 1 gram gold cards, as well as some discount vouchers that can be utilised against further purchases. The idea of the Dual System is to get affiliates to also become involved as clients exchanging their own savings into gold, and thus to have a more sound experiential basis from which to offer the products and services to other people. If an affiliate purchases a package and thus becomes entitled to receipt of commissions in the Dual System, he or she will be compensated for referred clients BOTH under the Unilevel compensation plan AND the Dual System plan. You do not have to choose to be compensated via only one of the payment plans.
The Unilevel Plan
Any customers or affiliates that you refer go into you unilevel plan to infinity, so you earn commissions on any of your own directly referred customers, as well as on any customers referred by affiliates anywhere in your organization. Commissions in the Unilevel plan are between 0.5% and 6%, and again are earned on any exchange into gold that takes place anywhere in your entire organization.
The Dual Pay System
If you have purchased a Karatbars business package, in addition to being compensated under the Unilevel compensation plan, you will also receive compensation under the Dual Pay System.

It is called "Dual Pay" because you are expected to make a minimum of two referrals, and each referral will constitute a "team" with all of the customers under them.

Compensation under this pay plan consists of payment of commissions on non-gold purchases of all clients directly referred by you of 5% if you purchased a bronze package, 10% if your purchased a silver package, 15% if you purchased a gold package, and 20% if your purchased a VIP package.

There are also personal and team referral units earned on all purchases made within your two teams. A 1 gram gram gold card earns 1 unit, a 2.5 gram gold card earns 2 units, a 5 gram gold card earns 3 units, a bronze package earns 10 units, a silver package earns 20 units, a gold package earns 40 units, and a VIP package earns 100 units.

The units cause your teams to cycle and every time they do you are paid a bonus which varies in size depending on the busiiness package that you purchased.

The Dual Pay System can be thought of as a bonus system above and beyond the Unilevel plan for those that want to earn additional income or take a very hands-on approach with their referred customers.

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